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RCCP Professional Bodies Education Committee - Members

Please Note: The Committee Members have full-time posts in working departments and so they also have their own routine workload to handle. Consequently dealing with telephone enquiries is likely to be difficult. Wherever possible, please contact the administrator (rccp@rccp.co.uk) in the first instance.

Trefor Watts (Chair)

Trefor is currently chair of RCCP-PBEC (link) and his day job is managing a multidisciplinary physiological measurement department (Cardiology, Neurophysiology and Respiratory Physiology with support to vascular, GI and Urodynamics services).

He has worked in the NHS for almost 40 year, starting in pathology but quickly moving to clinical physiology via physics.  He is passionate about quality training and expanding the roles and responsibilities about clinical physiologists. On a regional basis he chairs the local clinical physiology and clinical physics training committee and was a founder member of the regional clinical physiology group. He is a senior clinical examiner for ARTP and has assisted in the development of professional examinations at all levels, and recently was heavily involved in the MSC project.

Email: trefor.watts@walsallhealthcare.nhs.uk

Lizanne Steenkamp (Audiology)

Email: lsteenkamp@qmu.ac.uk

Ryan O’Shea (Audiology)

 Email: ryan.o’shea@btuh.nhs.uk

Su Baxter (Cardiac Physiology)

Email: su.scst@gmail.com

Kelly Bill (Neurophysiology)

Email: k.bill@nhs.uk

Peter Walsh (Neurophysiology)

Email: peter.walsh@nbt.nhs.uk

Adrian Kendrick (Respiratory Physiology)

Email: Adrian.Kendrick@UHBristol.nhs.uk

Edward Parkes (Respiratory Physiology)

Email: Edward.Parkes@heartofengland.nhs.uk

David Jones (Sleep Physiology)

Email: dndrja0work@virginmedia.com

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