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RCCP Professional Standards and Education Committee PSE

The PSE was formerly known as PBEC, it was formally renamed in 2019 as part of the RCCP's Governance Restructuring Programme

The RCCP Professional Bodies Education Committee (PBEC) was established in 2002 , the now PSE has representation from the British Academy of Audiology (BAA), Society for Cardiological Science & Technology (SCST), Association of GI Physiology (AGIP),  Association of Neurophysiological Scientists (ANS) and the Association for Respiratory Technology & Physiology (ARTP).

It acts as the body responsible for ensuring accreditation of pre-registration clinical physiology education programmes.  It also acts as the advisory body to the RCCP Council on matters pertaining to standards of professional education, clinical competence and practice and professional development in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.  It also has a responsibility to ensure appropriate communication with all relevant parties.  Its objectives are:
  • To develop approaches and procedures for accreditation of pre-registration clinical physiology programmes on behalf of RCCP.
  • To accredit / re-approve pre-registration courses.
  • To appoint accreditation panels.
  • To advise statutory and regulatory bodies on education, accreditation and professional development matters.
  • To liaise with Higher Education Institutes (HEI) and other educational institutions offering pre-registration training through biannual meetings with HEI nominated representatives.
  • To advise RCCP and other stakeholders on developing education, training and assessment of clinical competence and accreditation.
  • To work with, and for, other NHS bodies as appropriate.
The RCCP PSE terms of reference are available here 
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RCCP Professional Standards & Education Committee

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