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About CSci and the M Level Registration

  • M Level Register      GI Physiologists, Neurophysiologists & Sleep Physiologists can apply to this Register.
  • CSci only Register:   Neurophysiologists can apply to this Register.
  • M Level + CSci :        Neurophysiologists can apply to this Register

If your discipline is not eligible to apply to either Register, please contact your Professional Body.

Application to the M Level is made up of four routes (click on the Route link to obtain the 2016 associated guidance):

  • Route 1:  This route is available for RCCP registrants who have a professional body recognised qualification at M level
  • Route 1A: This route is available to non RCCP registrants who have a professional body recognised qualification at M level
  • Route 2: This route is available for RCCP registrants who do not have a professional body recognised qualification at M level
  • Route 2A: This route is available to non RCCP registrants who do not have a professional body recognised qualification at M level
  • Appendix 2 required for Route 2 and 2A is available here.
All applicants have to have been working at M Level for a minimum of 2 years to be considered for the M Level Register: CSci applications require 4 years at this level.   This is demonstrated via a reference from the current Head of Service or Lead Clinician specifically supporting the stated role at M level.  It also requires the production of a report which is a record of training and experience gained to demonstrate the attainment of personal competence across a range of defined activities.  Applications are scrutinised by senior professional body M Level/ CSci registrants following an agreed format.

This supporting evidence must be at the level of HCPC Clinical Scientist Standards of Proficiency and the standards required for registration as a Chartered Scientist.  The latter have been revised in 2016 and RCCP has revised all documentation to ensure it complies with the standards.  More information can be found here as well as HCPC (www.hpc-uk.org)  and Science Council (http://sciencecouncil.org/) websites. 
The diagram below demonstrates the standards applied at different registration levels whereby CSci & M Level applicants are required to comply with both RCCP (HCPC) & CSci Standards. 

The CSci register enables practitioners to demonstrate the level at which they are working in relation to scientists across a wide range of disciplines. Neurophysiologists can apply to this register via RCCP.

Please note there are 4 recognised Neurophysiology specific masters courses for ANS CSci applicants.  These are:

  1. MSc Clinical Science (Neurosensory Sciences)
  2. MSc Clinical Physiology (Neuro)
  3. MSc Epileptology
  4. MSc Epilepsy - dependent upon units covered (please check prior to applying).

The M Level register recognises that many experienced Clinical Physiologists are qualified and practising at, or above, NHS Career Framework 6 Specialist Practitioner levelGI Physiologists, Neurophysiologists and Sleep Physiologists can apply to this register.

If are already registered with RCCP and you wish to upgrade to M Level and/or CSci please click on this link to be directed to the ‘Notice of Interest Form’ https://www.rccp.co.uk/registrants/mlevelinterest.cfm It will ask you to log in if you have not already done so.

If you are not already registered with RCCP and wish to apply for M Level and/or CSci you will need to create/register an account as a new applicant.  Please click on this link to begin: https://www.rccp.co.uk/registrants/register.cfm  When you have completed this first section ’Personal Details’ and clicked on 'Register' you will then have an option to select ‘Apply for M Level and/or CSci’ from your Account Menu. This will then open the ‘Notice of Interest Form’ for you to complete and submit.

RCCP Administration shall contact you directly when you have submitted the ‘Notice of Interest Form’
Please note that application submissions will take between 3-6 months to process dependent upon the completeness of the information provided.

Please see the Table of Fees in the Applications Section of the website for details on costs of application or click on this link: https://www.rccp.co.uk/articles/83/Table-of-Fees


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M Level Representatives

If you have a query about M Level contact the representatives for the modalities of Neurophysiology, GI Physiology & Sleep Physiology. Currently there are no representatives in the other disciplines

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