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About The Registration Council for Clinical Physiologists

What is RCCP?

The Registration Council for Clinical Physiologists holds a voluntary register for practitioners in six disciplines of Clinical Physiology.

Our key aim is to ensure the highest levels of safety for patients of clinical physiologists. 

Our key work strands include:
  • Maintaining and publishing a publicly accessible register of properly qualified members of the professions
  • Promoting awareness of the Register among employers and education providers
  • Working in partnership with professional bodies to promote the highest standards of professionalism
  • Approving high standards of education and training and continuing professional development
  • Investigating complaints and taking appropriate action
  • Campaigning for the introduction of statutory regulation of clinical physiologists to ensure that nobody can opt out of the patient safety measures that we provide 

What is a Clinical Physiologist?
Clinical physiologists are a group of healthcare workers who are involved in diagnosis and management of a wide range of conditions - many of which are sensitive or invasive. 
How do I know if the person who is treating me is a Clinical Physiologist?
There are six disciplines in the clinical physiology profession:
  • Audiologists (including Hearing Therapists)
  • Cardiac Physiologists
  • Gastro-intestinal Physiologists
  • Neurophysiologists
  • Respiratory Physiologists
  • Sleep Physiologists.
If you’ve been treated by any of the above, then you have probably been treated by a clinical physiologist.

What does RCCP do?
We exist because the profession is not regulated by the government, which means that clinical physiologists are not regulated and monitored in the same way as doctors and nurses and they cannot be sanctioned in the same way if mistakes occur.
A clinician who is on RCCP Register has volunteered to be regulated by RCCP and their registration comes with an assurance that they have the highest standards of education and training and that no serious concerns have been raised with us about their work.
How does RCCP protect patients?
To protect the public, RCCP sets standards that all its registrants have to meet. These include: All of our registrants must abide by these standards. If you feel that you’ve been treated by an RCCP registered clinical physiologist who has not met these standards, please contact us to let us know.
How do I know if the person who is treating me is registered with RCCP?
You can check if the person who is treating you is on our Register by looking them up on our online Register. Simply type their name in the search box in the top right hand corner of this page.
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Alliance for Patient Safety

RCCP is a member of the Alliance for Patient Safety, which was formed in 2013 - find out more here

Governance of the RCCP

The RCCPs Code of Corporate Governance incorporates a series of regulatory documents and policies - find our more here

RCCP Council Members & Officers

Contact details for the officers and professional representatives can be found here - please note they all give their time voluntarily to RCCP and are appointed by your professional bodies

Constitution of the RCCP

The constitution of the Registration Council for Clinical Physiologists comprises the documents assembled here

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