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Frequently Asked Questions

Please click here to view FAQ Renewals, including guidance on how to update your details?

However, if you have questions about Applying to the Register, please see below:
  • How much is registration?

    The fee for applicants applying within two years from an accredited programme is free. The fee for any other applicant is £75.00.

  • How can I pay?

    For new applicants the fee can be paid by Direct Debit online, cheque or postal order. For Renewal Fees we recommend payment via Direct Debit which can be found by logging into your profile, select Account and select Set Up Direct Debit.

  • Who do I make my cheque or postal order payable to?

    Please make payable to RCCP.

  • How do I set up a Direct Debit?

    Log into your profile, select Account and select Set up Direct Debit.

  • How long does the application process take?

    Providing your application form is submitted with all that is required you should receive your outcome within 28 days.

  • How do I complete the Report for the Standard Form?

    Please consult the Latest Guidance Notes in the Applications section of the website.

  • Who can write my written Reference?

    Please consult the current Latest Guidance Notes and your application form in the Applications section of the website.

  • Who can act as my Proposer?

    Please consult the Latest Guidance Notes in the Applications section of the website.

  • How can I send my application form?

    All applications are now completed on-line.

  • Can I have a receipt for my application fee?

    Yes. Please request via email to rccpadmin@rccp.co.uk.

  • Can I have a receipt for my Renewal payment via Direct Debit?

    Yes. Please request via email to rccpadmin@rccp.co.uk.

  • How do I change my personal details?

    All registrants are responsible for ensuring their details remain current at all times. Log into your profile, select Account, select My Application and update as necessary. Please ensure you click on SAVE before your exit the update.

  • Do I need to provide copies of all my education achievements that I make known on my application form?

    No. RCCP will only require those most relevant to your profession.  This evidence is essential with all application form submission, as clearly indicated in the Guidance Notes.

  • If I have any new qualifications do I need to notify RCCP?

    If you have new qualifications relevant to your work and practice please update your details by visiting the RCCP website, log into your profile, select Account, select My Application and amend as necessary.

  • When do I renew my registration?

    The RCCP Renewal take place annually and payment must be received before 1st May. The new certificate always runs from 1st May until 30 April, regardless of when you are accepted onto the Register. Renewal Notices are sent prior to the Renewal Period in March each year – check your details on the website.

  • When are the new certificates sent?

    An email will be sent to advise you to download your new certificate once we have received confirmation of your payment and completion of your declaration.  The new certificate will only be accessible for a limited period only.

  • How can I check on the progress of my application form?

    By visiting your profile or you can contact RCCP Administration via email rccpadmin@rccp.co.uk.

  • If I am unsure of my eligibility to join RCCP, how may I check or discuss this?

    Contact the Representative covering your modality – you will find their details on the website.  Select 'About' and 'Council Members'.  Please note they cannot discuss applications that have been submitted.

    How many Registrants does RCCP have?
    RCCP currently have over 6000 registrants.  You can search the register via the search box on the home page.

    How can I check the progress of my application?

    You can visit your online profile or alternatively contact the RCCP’s administration rccpadmin@rccp.co.uk. Please note that RCCP council members are unable to discuss individual applications already submitted.

    What if my application is rejected?

    You can appeal. The procedure for making an appeal in respect of a decision of the RCCP Council on an application to join its register can be viewed via this link


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How to submit an application

When considering submitting an application for Voluntary Registration always check the Latest Guidance Notes to help you with your application. Please note: Any queries should be addressed prior to submission of an application and once submitted the application fee is non-refundable.

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