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COVID 19 - Renewal 2020-2021, Continuing Professional Development and Fitness to Practice,

RCCP annual renewals and application process

The RCCP annual renewals will not be impacted and the renewal deadline is the 1st May 2020.  Please look out for the renewals notice email in your inboxes and ensure we have your up-to-date contacts details to enable us to communicate with you expediently.
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Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Registrants must continue to meet their obligations to the RCCP CPD Standards even during times of crisis.  The RCCP do however recognise that some registrants assisting with frontline services in particular, may find this challenging and it is not clear at this stage how long this period of increased pressure on the workforce will last. 

CPD opportunities may or may not be significantly affected.  In fact, some physiologists are reporting they have more CPD time due to all routine diagnostics being cancelled but with the increased likelihood of redeployment this is not expected to last.   The RCCP appreciate there are a number of factors that may limit a range of CPD opportunities during this period including the impact of staff sickness; remote and flexible working practices; redeployment; cancelled CPD conferences; reduced academic learning.  There may also be reduced time to commit to self-directed learning in a registrant’s own time, some more than others being impacted by school closures and the added pressure to home-school children.

Although the full impact of COVID-19 did not occur prior to the CPD 2019 audit deadline.  There were however a number of submissions that did not meet the RCCP CPD Standards prior to this deadline.  The RCCP Board agreed to reduce the pressure on these registrants during this crisis period and withdrew the notification to resubmit.  These resubmissions will be added automatically to the 2021 audit cycle. 

Complaints and our Fitness to Practice Process (FtP)

Many regulators, including the RCCP are prioritising their work and although FtP investigations must continue throughout this period, due to the social distancing and self-isolation guidance, we are postponing any face-to-face hearings until we are in a position to relist.  We will be in contact with all hearing participants in relation to this.  No further substantive hearings will take place until further notice but this will be kept under constant review and all parties kept updated.
We will continue to receive and promptly triage any concerns made via our website.  We will ensure service-user safety by prioritising the consideration of all interim orders where concerns are raised of a serious nature.  Review hearings will be held in private in contact with all parties. 

Some investigations will be carried out on papers alone (e.g. Assessment Committee investigations and consensual disposal mechanism).
Our office is now closed with limited access to receive and respond to incoming post.  We are however continuing to respond to postal enquiries and providing updates on cases, however due to limited access to incoming post, where possible, please email the complaintsadmin@rccp.co.uk if a more timely response is required.
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Statement of Accredited Registers about COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

The PSA accredited registers have prepared the following statement regarding COVID-19

An Overview of Our Work

Find out how the Registration Council for Clinical Physiologists took action to achieve accreditation leading to raised standards and improved public protection..harm"

COVID19 Shared Temporary Register

Temporary register for final year healthcare science students in 2020

New RCCP Interim CEO

Interim CEO, Michael Guthrie Joins RCCP

RCCP Renewal 2020 FAQ

RCCP's Renewal Period Starts 1st May 2020. Have you completed your renewal form and arranged payment? All active registrants are displayed on our register. Please see the below comprehensive ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section to assist all registrants, based on all renewal enquiries we have previously received. We hope we have covered your query here and alleviated the need to email or call.

RCCP Press Release

RCCP register renews approval from the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) 20.04.2020

COVID 19 Resources from the Clinical Human Factors Group (CHFG)

Key Human Factors Messages when working under pressure

Message from the Chair

RCCP Support and Collaboration amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID 19 FAQ for Registrants

We understand that you may be feeling anxious about COVID-19 and the potential impact that it may have on your role as a clinical physiologist. With this in mind we are starting to compile a list of FAQs which we encourage you to read

CSO Joint statement regarding workforce response

Joint statement regarding workforce response to coronavirus from Professor Dame Sue Hill, Chief Scientific Officer, NHS England and NHS Improvement; Dr Rob Orford, Chief Scientific Advisor (Health), Welsh Government; Professor Ian Young, Chief Scientific Advisor, Department of Health Northern Ireland; and Karen Stewart, Healthcare Science Officer, Scottish Government .

Deploying the healthcare science workforce to support the NHS clinical delivery plan for COVID-19

How the RCCP are continuing our regulatory function during the COVID-19 pandemic

The RCCP are committed to doing all we can to support our registrants, patients and the public at this challenging time.We have made some operational changes during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure we continue to regulate clinical physiologists effectively.

Meeting our ‘Standards’ during the COVID-19 pandemic

Clinical physiologists may find themselves working in unusual circumstances and away from the formality of their usual work environment and for a prolonged period. The onus is on all registrants to maintain the RCCP Standards to ensure that the clinical physiology professions maintains public confidence and protection in these unprecedented times.

COVID 19 Sign-up to Government Email Alerts

Sign-up to Government Email Alerts to keep updated with all new developments

RCCP Role in Patient Safety during the COVID-19 pandemic

The RCCP are continuing to engage even more so with our registrants and to provide the necessary support. We understand some services are newly providing/increasing their provision of ‘virtual’ or remote clinics/remote monitoring facilities some of which are helping to reduce the need for in-patient stays to free up beds for the COVID-19 response.

RCCP Information

Please see this section for all information issued by the RCCP relating to Coronavirus COVID 19

Coronavirus RCCP Statement

Updated 6th April 2020

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Statement from the ARC

This Statement is from the Accredited Registers Collaborative and was first issued on 6 March 2020

RCCP 2020 Renewals Fee Increase

RCCP will be introducing a small fee increase this April ahead of the '2020-2021 Renewals' period.

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