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COVID 19 – RCCP Operational Update

We recognise that the direct and indirect impact of the COVID19 pandemic continues for many organisations and individuals and the long-term impact is unknown.

The RCCP thank you for all you are doing to support patients and clinical services during the pandemic.

Despite these unprecedented times, our main priority during this period of continuing uncertainty remains our commitment to ensuring we meet our obligations to protect the public, whilst taking into consideration current Government and Public Health guidance.  We also have a duty to ensure the health and wellbeing of our employees, whilst they continue to work remotely.  We recognise our Registrants are working in demanding circumstances and where necessary are adapting their practice in response to these pressures.  We aim to provide the necessary support and flexibility wherever possible throughout this crisis.

Although our Head Office in Droitwich remains closed, with limited access to receive and respond to incoming post, if you need to contact the RCCP please email rccpadmin@rccp.co.uk or call on 01905 885350 (office hours are 9am-5pm Mon-Fri).  Our staff have limited access to the office and will continue to respond to postal enquiries but our response times may be slightly delayed. 

RCCP Annual Renewals and Application Process

The RCCP annual renewal and application processes have not be impacted significantly during the COVID19 pandemic period.  The renewal deadline was the 1st May 2020 and the vast majority of Registrants have renewed their registration successfully. 

The renewal process is in 3 parts (1-3 have to be completed to remain on the register):
  1. Paying the registration fee
  2. Completing the self-declaration (annual renewal) form
  3. Providing evidence of professional indemnity insurance cover (where applicable) will be removed from the Register on the 31st July 2020 after final reminders have been sent to both the Registrant and their employer. 
Where a Registrant fails to complete all parts (1-3) of the annual renewals process, after several reminders, their name is removed from the Register. 

We are continuing to assess any new applications to the Register, including reactivations for former RCCP Registrants.  The time taken to assess applications may be slightly longer than usual where our expert voluntary assessors are all currently practising RCCP Registrants, your patience is appreciated at this time.  If there are any delays in processing applications, we will keep you informed.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Despite these challenging times, RCCP Registrants must continue to meet their obligations to the RCCP Standards, including the CPD Standards.  The RCCP have a responsibility to remind our Registrants of their need to continue to meet the RCCP’s Standards in order to maintain their registration.  Registrants renew their registration annually and every year confirm that they continue to meet the RCCP standards, including our CPD standards.

The CPD Audit Report (2017-2019) has recently been published and we encourage all Registrants to take the time to read this report. 

Please also see the Registrar CPD Focus Report for hints and suggestions of how to adapt your approach to CPD where some of your usual CPD activities may not be as readily available. 

Raising Concerns and our Fitness to Practice (FtP) Process

Many regulators, including the RCCP are prioritising their work and are continuing their obligations to administrate and progress FtP investigations throughout this period.  We continue to receive and promptly triage any concerns raised through our website or via other mechanisms. 

Although our Head Office in Droitwich remains closed, with limited access to receive and respond to incoming post, we are encouraging all parties involved in active FtP investigations to communicate using email to ftpadmin@rccp.co.uk wherever possible.  Our staff have limited access to the office and will continue to respond to postal enquiries but our usual response times may be delayed.  Our phone line is fully operational on 01905 885350.

Due to social distancing restrictions, any face-to-face Hearings are not currently being scheduled until such a time we are in a position to list.  Currently there are no Professional Conduct Hearings or Health Review Hearings scheduled.

Our Assessment Committee Panels continue to meet using video-conferencing technology to investigate concerns and administrate their FtP decisions. 

We will ensure service-user safety by prioritising the consideration of Interim Measures applications where concerns are raised of a serious nature.  Review Hearings will be held in private in contact with all parties.  There are currently no Interim Measures Hearings or Review Hearings scheduled.

Updated 07.07.2020
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