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Information for witnesses who attend a hearing

The process of giving evidence at a hearing can be intimidating. There is information available that explains the role that a witness has to play at a hearing, what happens before and after a hearing and what support is available to those attending. For a copy of this please contact rccpadmin@rccp.co.uk

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Indicative Sanctions Publication Procedure

The sanction guidance makes sure that the parties are aware from the outset of any proceedings before the professional conduct committee of the approach that the committee will take to imposing sanctions. This guidance has been updated in September 2018

Complaints against RCCP

RCCP sets out to provide the level of service when doing what it does that people have a right to expect. If you feel we have not done that, then we want to know about it so that we can put things right and so that we can improve our systems and processes for the future.

Information on the RCCP complaints process

Anyone can raise a concern about a registrant - members of the public, patients, employers, other registrants - find out more here

How to raise a concern about a registrant

If you have a concern about a registrant, please find their details by searching on the on-line Register on the website and click on the Raise Concern button - you can also contact RCCP by email or phone

RCCP Professional Conduct Procedural Rules

These are currently under consultation and will be available for viewing shortly

If someone raises a concern about you as a registrant

Anyone can raise a concern about a registrant by finding their details on the on-line Register on the website and clicking on the Raise Concern button

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