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Complaints against RCCP

How we will deal with problems about RCCP

The Registration Council for Clinical Physiologists (RCCP) holds a register of Clinical Physiologists and in doing so deals with enquiries from, registrants, students, practitioners, employers, members of the public and others. We hope to provide the level of service that people have a right to expect. If you feel we have not done that, then we want to know about it so that we can put things right and so that we can improve our systems and processes for the future.

RCCP will monitor, record, take seriously and deal promptly with any problems it receives about something that has or hasn’t happened at RCCP. If necessary, RCCP will improve its internal operations and or external relationships to rectify any weaknesses highlighted by a problem about the service it provides.


Informal process

We try to resolve problems internally first.  Where there is a problem, please contact RCCP's Chief Executive or the Office Manager in the CEO's absence (contact details at the end of this document), in the first instance and explain why you are unhappy and what action is needed. The  CEO/Chair will be able to identify the person who provided the service and get a response to your enquiry.  We will try to resolve the matter for you as quickly as we can, and within 5 working days at most.

If your problem has not been satisfactorily resolved internally, the following process will apply:
Informal complaints about standards of service delivery, failure of processes or quality of performance should be made in writing, by letter or e-mail, within one month of the occurrence causing the problem. Please identify:
  • The nature of the complaint
  • Who has been involved so far
  • What has/has not been done
  • Why you are not satisfied with the outcome
  • How you would like to see the matter resolved
  • Your name and contact details (ideally an email address) so that we can contact you about the outcome.

Sometimes we may need to ask for additional details – we will ask you to supply these within fifteen working days. We will then provide a response to your complaint within twenty five working days of receipt of full information.
A record of all informal complaints received will be reported quarterly to the RCCP Council
If you feel that you cannot raise your issue with the Chief Executive, perhaps because your issue involves them, then you can raise it with the Chairman, Paul Burgess (contact details at the end of this document) who will follow the above process.
Formal process

If you have not been able to obtain satisfaction of your complaint through the informal processes above then you can ask for the matter to be considered by the RCCP Council, whose decision on the matter will be final.

Please email any formal complaint to the Chairman of the RCCP Council, Paul Burgess (contact details at the end of this document).
All formal complaints will be acknowledged by return.

If you feel that you cannot raise your issue with the Chairman, perhaps because your issue involves them, then you can raise it with the Registrar, Kelly St. Pier (contact details at the end of this document), who will follow the above process.
What if I can’t raise my issue in writing?

RCCP will not place any barriers in front of anyone who has a problem with what we do. We are happy for issues to be initially advised to us by a third party, such as a family member, friend or interpreter.

You can also advise us of a problem by telephoning us on the number below, however please be aware that the person who takes your call may be the person who is the cause of your problem so we suggest that you state that the reason for your call is ‘confidential’ and that you leave a message in the first instance asking for one of the people named below to return your call.

If our investigations proceed, we will continue to provide assistance to enable anyone who has raised an issue with us to provide the information that we require to be able to resolve a problem that someone has with RCCP.

Contacts for raising problems and complaints:

Contact points by email
  • Chair - Paul Burgess (chair@rccp.co.uk)
  • Registrar – Kelly St. Pier (registrar@rccp.co.uk)
  • Chief Executive - TBC
  • Office Manager - Zoey Harries (Zoeyharries@rccp.co.uk)
Contact point by letter
  • RCCP, Middlewich Suite, Droitwich Medical Centre, Ombersley Street, Droitwich Worcester, WR9 8RD
  • Please mark your letter ‘Private and Confidential’ and state clearly who your letter is addressed to.
Contact point by telephone
01905 885350
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