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Parliamentary report on patient safety

Date: 27/03/2015

The House of Commons Public Administration Select Committee (PASC) has today published a report calling on the incoming Secretary of State for Health to establish a national independent patient safety investigation body. The PASC report found that Secretary of State for Health estimates there are 12,000 avoidable hospital deaths every year; more than 10,000 serious incidents reported to NHS England annually; 338 recorded “never events” (such as wrong site surgery) in 2013-14 and 174,872 written complaints received by the NHS.
The Committee said that while patients and NHS staff deserve to have clinical incidents investigated immediately at a local level, so that facts and evidence are established early, without the need to find blame, and regardless of whether a complaint has been raised, there also needs to be a clear effective central system for disseminating the lessons learned from local incidents across the NHS nationally. It said that the current NHS processes for investigating and learning from untoward clinical incidents are complicated, take far too long and are preoccupied with blame or avoiding financial liability.   The report concludes the Committee’s inquiry into NHS complaints and clinical failure, to which RCCP responded.

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RCCP Opens New Offices in Droitwich, Worcestershire

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AGIP Masterclass and Presentation 1st March 2017 Post Graduate Education Centre, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, B15 2GW

SCST Conference 2016

SCST NATIONAL UPDATE MEETING 2016 25th November 2016 Jury's Inn 45 Broad Street, Birmingham B1 2HQ

SCST Conference 2016

SCST NATIONAL UPDATE MEETING 2016 25th November 2016 Jury's Inn 45 Broad Street, Birmingham B1 2HQ


BAA Annual Conference

ANS - Autumn Scientific Conference

RCCP Council Meeting

Meeting with Professor Sue Hill regarding workforce issues

Revised HCPC Standards of conduct, performance & ethics

These have been published today with a number of changes. Visit the HCPC website for more information.

Meeting AHCS & RCCP

AHCS and RCCP met on 11th January and put together a detailed plan, which both parties are committed to discussing with registrants and other stakeholders, in the coming weeks. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss structure, communication, finance, legal responsibility and registers for a new way of working. A further meeting is planned for 25th February.

Meeting with members of Northern Ireland Assembly

RCCP presentation AHCS Congress

Meetings with Lord Hunt; Dr Sarah Wollaston & members of the Health Select Committee

Meeting with Brendan Cooper AHCS

Meeting with Janet Monkman AHCS

Phone conference Peter Walso CE Action Against Medical Accidents (AvMA)


Meeting with AHCS

Meeting with AHCS

Interview with Sky News

Article by MP Rob Floello - Government hesitation to regulate puts patients at risk

Article by Rob Floello MP Stoke on Trent South in Labour's journal Progress - see link below

Meeting with Chris Harris (DH) & Prof Sue Hill

This is a meeting with the DH lead for regulation, following our meeting with Dr Dan Poulter on 22nd October, 2014

Meeting with AHCS

The meeting on 5th March will explore opportunities for closer working with the AHCS

Letter in BMJ

Publication of letter in BMJ 'Without mandatory regulation, clinical physiologists put patients at risk'

Summary of response to Law Commission report on regulation

Summary of the Government’s response to the Law Commissions’ report on regulating health care professionals in the UK and social care professionals in England was published today - see RCCP contribution to the consulatation here

RCCP Council meeting

Professional Body Education Committee (PBEC) meeting

RCCP Council Meeting

Professional Body Education Committee (PBEC) meeting

RCCP meeting with professional body chairs

RCCP Council meeting

NSHCS Neurosensory Sciences Themed Board

Representatives from RCCP attend this event to inform discussions that might impact on education and registration.

Professional Body Education Committee (PBEC) meeting

RCCP Council meeting

Submission to Public Administration Select Committee Inquiry - NHS Complaints and Clinical Failure

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