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Need to defer your CPD audit?

Occasionally due to unavoidable circumstances, you may need to ask to defer (put off) your audit. This may be because you cannot fill in your CPD profile as a result of illness, maternity leave or family circumstances.
If this is the case you need to contact us and ask for a deferral setting out your reasons.  We will look at your situation to see whether it merits deferral. If your audit is deferred, you may automatically be chosen for the next audit.  If you need to apply for deferral more than once, we will check your application for deferral very carefully and will be looking for clear evidence that a deferral is absolutely necessary. If your request for deferral is refused we will write to you asking you to complete a CPD profile.
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RCCP Continuing Professional Development Audit Report 2017

RCCP CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT AUDIT REPORT 2017 Continuing professional development (CPD) can be defined as a broad range of activities that a person undertakes or participates in, in order to maintain, improve or develop their knowledge and skills to the benefit of the practitioner, those that work with and most importantly the patient. 

2019 RCCP Audit - FAQ

Every second year we will be randomly auditing a sample of registrants so make sure you are collecting your evidence - find out more here

What CPD do I have to do?

RCCP standards require that a registrant must follow some simple rules

Want to know more about CPD?

Practitioners registered with RCCP have the potential to cause harm to patients - find our what you need to do to reduce this risk

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