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How to raise a concern about a registrant

How can I take up an issue with RCCP?
Most healthcare practitioners will provide you with safe and effective care but sometimes things go wrong.  If you have a concern about a clinical physiologist, which cannot be sorted out by complaining to the organisation that they work for, then you can tell us.
Online: Find the registrant via the search box on our website, www.rccp.cp.uk, click the ‘Raise Concern’ link on the on-line Register and register your concern.

In writing: You should send a letter in an envelope, marked “Confidential” and addressed to: The Registrar, The Registration Council for Clinical Physiologists, The Middlewich Suite, Droitwich Medical Centre, Ombersley Street, Droitwich, Worcestershire, WR9 8RD
By Phone: Please call 01905 885350

If writing or telephoning, please make sure that you give us the following information:
  •  Your full name and contact detailsAs much information about the registrant as you can give, such as their name, profession and place of work
  • If possible, the professional’s RCCP registration number, which can be found on the on-line Register
  • As much information about the incident as you can provide, such as names, dates and places. 

What if I cannot advise of my complaint using these methods?
RCCP will not place any barriers in front of anyone wishing to raise a concern with us. We are happy for issues to be initially advised to us by a third party, such as a family member, friend or interpreter and in any format other than writing – such as verbally, though at some concerns that have not been raised in writing will need to be transcribed, which RCCP will arrange. When requested we will arrange for information to be provided to us or by us in a formats that anyone raising a concern can understand. If our investigations proceed, we will continue to provide assistance to enable anyone who has raised an issue with us to provide the information that we require to be able to progress our work. Sometimes complex legal and medical issues are involved and we will do our best to ensure that these are communicated as clearly as possible without the use of technical expressions and abbreviations.

Can my problem be dealt with anonymously?
Unfortunately, we cannot take any action if the person providing the information does not give their name.  This is because we need to obtain all the relevant information needed to investigate what has happened and we cannot do that if we don’t know who has provided the information.
Additionally, when we are investigating a case, we will need to tell the registrant involved. This is likely to include the name of the person who has raised the issue, however, we will always make sure that we exclude their contact details from anything that we provide to the registrant. Our only purpose is to protect patients, but if you have any concerns about this, please contact us.
Is there a time limit to raising a problem with RCCP?
There are no time limits, but it is much better that any issues are raised as soon as possible after the event, when it is fresh in peoples’ memories.
What’s the timeframe for dealing with a problem?
If you raise a concern with us, the amount of time it will take to deal with it will depend on how complicated the case is. We may need to ask for more information from you during the course of our investigation. If the case goes on to a final hearing, you may need to meet our solicitor and provide a witness statement. You may also have to go to a hearing and give evidence. This can sometimes involve an overnight stay if it takes place away from your home.
We will do our best to make sure our processes are as open and fair as possible and welcome your feedback on any part of the process. If you raise a concern with us about a registrant, you can expect us to treat you fairly and explain what will happen at each stage. We will keep you up-to-date with the progress of our investigation. We will give you contact details of the RCCP Disciplinary Officer who you can contact if you have any questions. The Disciplinary Officer’s role is to manage the whole process and to gather relevant information. They act as a contact for everyone involved in the case. They cannot give you legal advice, however they can explain how the process works and what we consider when making decisions.
We understand that telling us about a problem you have had can be stressful. We will try to consider the case as quickly as we can. At each stage of the process, we will give you an idea of how long our enquiries will take. This will include:
  • When you first contact us about your concernsWhen we tell the registrant about the allegation
  • When a date is set for the Professional Conduct Committee to consider your case
  • After the Professional Conduct Committee meets (to tell you their decision); and
  • Regularly between the Professional Conduct Committee meeting and the final hearing (if the case reaches this stage in the process). 
What can I expect if the issues that I raise are found to be correct?
We can remove a clinician from our Register which may prevent them continuing to provide front line care. Alternatively we may require someone to undergo additional training in order for them to remain on our Register.
Are there limits to the sorts of cases that you will consider?
Please note that we cannot:
  • Consider cases about clinicians who have chosen not to be registered with us;
  • Consider cases about organisations (we only deal with cases about individual professionals);
  • Get involved in your care;
  • Deal with customer-service issues;
  • Arrange refunds or compensation;
  • Fine a registrant;
  • Give legal advice; or
  • Make a registrant apologise.
What if the person I am looking for does not appear on the RCCP Register?
This could be the case if the person concerned is a non-practicing registrant, a student or in the process of applying to the register.
There are other organisations that the Health Care Professional may be registered with in addition to, or as well as the RCCP.

These are:
The Academy of Healthcare Science -  https://www.ahcs.ac.uk
Health and Care Professionals Council - https://www.hcpc-uk.org/

There are rare instances when a registrant's name may not be published on the RCCP register. This will be in exceptional circumstances related to the Registrant's safety, when publishing their name may put them at risk.

For access to the RCCP Procedure for the publication of registrants names please click here

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Indicative Sanctions Publication Procedure

The sanction guidance makes sure that the parties are aware from the outset of any proceedings before the professional conduct committee of the approach that the committee will take to imposing sanctions. This guidance has been updated in September 2018

Complaints against RCCP

RCCP sets out to provide the level of service when doing what it does that people have a right to expect. If you feel we have not done that, then we want to know about it so that we can put things right and so that we can improve our systems and processes for the future.

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