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As a registrant you have signed the RCCP Professional Code of Conduct which means that you must uphold our standards including the requirement to document your continuing professional development.  You can find information on how to do this on the website.  In 2017 we will be randomly auditing a sample of registrants so make sure you are collecting your evidence which covers the period March 2015-April 2017 in case you are chosen!

1.  Why do I have to carry out CPD?

It is a requirement of registration – you have to show that you maintain competence and fitness to practise. 

2. What do I have to do for the CPD Audit?

You need to complete the CPD Audit Profile.

3.  What do I have to put into my CPD Audit Profile?

You have to provide 3 pieces of evidence:
  1. A short summary (maximum of 500 words) about your recent work / practice.  You can use your Job Description as a starting point.  The aim is to show the range of activity you undertake.
  2. A personal development plan which should be part of your annual appraisal.
  3. Your CPD record which is a learning log showing your CPD activity for the previous year.
If you use the British Academy of Audiology on-line CPD system you can submit your learning record for the RCCP CPD Audit.  It must cover the period required by by the Audit and you must supply a minimum of 10 entries - see Question 4.

4. How many entries should I provide in my CPD record?

You should provide a minimum of 10 entries with at least 75% of CPD from the list of topics identified in the RCCP Guidance for CPD. 

5. What time period should my CPD Audit Profile cover?

It should present evidence covering the period from March 2015 to April 2017.

6. How do I submit my CPD Audit Profile?

You will receive an email notifying you that your CPD Audit Profile upload site is now available on the My Application section of the website.  You can upload your Audit Profile and any supporting documentation. 

7.  What will happen if I don’t submit my Audit Profile?

You will be suspended from the Register and will have to apply to have your Registration re-activated on submission of an application form. 

8. Where can I find more information about the CPD Audit?

You can find more information on the RCCP website in the Professional Development section.  This includes the RCCP Policy for CPD, RCCP Guidance for CPD as well as other information.
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RCCP Continuing Professional Development Audit Report 2017

RCCP CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT AUDIT REPORT 2017 Continuing professional development (CPD) can be defined as a broad range of activities that a person undertakes or participates in, in order to maintain, improve or develop their knowledge and skills to the benefit of the practitioner, those that work with and most importantly the patient. 

Need to defer your CPD audit?

Occasionally due to unavoidable circumstances, you may need to ask to defer (put off) your audit - find out more here

What CPD do I have to do?

RCCP standards require that a registrant must follow some simple rules

Want to know more about CPD?

Practitioners registered with RCCP have the potential to cause harm to patients - find our what you need to do to reduce this risk

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