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Looking to employ clinical physiologists?

What is a clinical physiologist?

Clinical physiologists are a group of healthcare workers who are involved in diagnosis and management of a wide range of conditions - many of which are sensitive or invasive including the following. 
  • Hearing Therapists and audiologists
  • Neurophysiologists
  • Cardiac physiologists
  • Gastro-intestinal Physiologists
  • Respiratory Physiologists
  • Sleep physiologists.
What is the RCCP?

Clinical physiologists are not statutorily regulated by the Government. The RCCP exists to hold the voluntary register for the profession in the absence of statutory regulation, and it simultaneously works to achieve statutory regulation for the profession by lobbying government.
We currently regulate members of six professions and we keep a Register of those who meet our standards for their training, professional skills and behaviour. We can take action if someone on our Register falls below our standards.

Who is registered with the RCCP?

We currently have around 6000 clinical physiologists on our register. You can view them all on our website as our register is publicly accessible using the website search box.

Should I be concerned if I employ someone who is not registered with the RCCP?

We only register professionals who meet our standards for training, professional skills and behaviour.

To be on the RCCP Register a person has to show that they are fit to practise at the time when they first join the Register, and to provide continued evidence of their fitness to practise whenever they renew their registration every year.  Fitness to practise is not just about professional performance - it also includes acts by a Registrant that may have an effect on public protection or confidence in the profession or the regulatory process itself. This can include matters which are not directly related to professional practice.

We can also take action against professionals who fall below these standards, which gives employers and patients protection from anyone who chooses not to maintain their skills.

What standards do RCCP registrants have to meet?
Standards of Character
Standards of Proficiency Clinical Physiologists
Standards for Continuing Professional Development
Standards for Education and Training
Code of Conduct

How do I find out if my employee is registered with the RCCP?

You can contact us directly via rccpadmin@rccp.co.uk or 0845 226 3064/01543 442143, or you can check that all of the clinical physiologists employed by you are registered with us on our publicly accessible register via the search box on the website.

Can I compel my employee to become registered with RCCP?

Unfortunately, no. As we are a voluntary register, there is no law that requires clinical physiologists to register with us. However, you can make RCCP registration a requirement for employment by you for future clinical physiology recruits and many organisations do set this requirement.

What do I do if I have a concern about someone who works for me or with me?

If you have a concern about a RCCP registered healthcare practitioner, then please do tell us. Information about how to do this is here.
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RCCP Renewal 2019

RCCP Renewal 2019 - once again the process shall take place online from 1st April. Please click on RCCP Renewal 2019 to learn more.

RCCP Renewal 2019 Questions and Answers

From the 1st April 2019 you may Renew your Registration for this year. We have created a more comprehensive ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section to assist all registrants, based on all renewal enquiries we have previously received. We hope we have covered your query here and alleviated the need to email or call.

The RCCP launches a new Complaints Procedure March 2019

The RCCP launches a new Complaints Procedure March 2019

RCCP Gains PSA Accreditation

Release date: Friday 23 March 2018   NEWS RELEASE   The Registration Council for Clinical Physiologists gains Professional Standards Authority accreditation The Registration Council for Clinical Physiologists (RCCP) has gained Professional Standards Authority (PSA) accreditation. Patients are able to choose a clinical physiologist belonging to a register vetted and approved by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care, an independent statutory body, accountable to Parliament. The RCCP’s register has been accredited under the Accredited Registers programme. Clinical physiologists on the RCCP’s register will be able to display the Accredited Register quality mark, a sign that they belong to a register which meets the Professional Standards Authority’s robust standards. Trefor Watts, RCCP Chair said: “Following rigorous assessment, we are delighted that our commitment to patient safety and high professional standards has been recognised by the PSA. The quality mark will give extra peace of mind for anyone looking for a clinical physiologist, letting them know that anyone who holds the mark is committed to high standards. The RCCP is pleased to offer the quality mark to clinical physiologists that meet the far reaching standards of our register, as approved by the Professional Standards Authority.” Harry Cayton, Chief Executive of the Professional Standards Authority said: “We are very pleased to accredit RCCP’s register of clinical physiologists. Bringing clinical physiologists into a broad framework of assurance is good for patients, service users and the public and is the best way to promote quality. The programme offers a new layer of protection for anyone looking for health and social care services, and gives clinical physiologists the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to good practice.” Accreditation means that RCCP’s register meets the Professional Standards Authority’s high standards in governance, standard-setting, education and training, management of the register, complaints handling and information. Accredited registers encompass a growing range of occupations and organisations and the Professional Standards Authority may accredit more than one register in any particular occupation. Further information about Accredited Registers is available at http://www.professionalstandards.org.uk/accredited-registers The RCCP holds a voluntary register for practitioners in six disciplines of Clinical Physiology. Its aim is to ensure the highest levels of safety for patients of clinical physiologists.   For further information about the RCCP visit www.rccp.co.uk

Reporting a Concern

Concerned about poor practice? It's easy to let us about it. Click the title to find out more

Who should be registered with RCCP?

If you employ clinical physiologists from one of our six registered disciplines then you should check that they are registered with RCCP.

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