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Alliance for Patient Safety

RCCP is a member of the Alliance for Patient Safety, which was formed in 2013. A number of bodies representing healthcare professionals which have all be recognised as requiring statutory regulation by the Health & Care Professions Council have grouped together to launch the Alliance for Patient Safety.  The groups together represent approximately 10,000 practitioners. This is to campaign on the need for better professional regulation and to highlight the serious gaps in patient safety that cannot be addressed through voluntary registration for many professions.
The Alliance is calling for evidence based decisions on professional regulation that reflect the different nature of various roles in the health service. An All Party Parliamentary Group chaired by Baroness Masham was formed in 2013 to raise this issue in government. Members of the Alliance include:
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Governance of the RCCP

The RCCPs Code of Corporate Governance incorporates a series of regulatory documents and policies - find our more here

About The Registration Council for Clinical Physiologists

RCCP was formed in 2001 and holds the Voluntary Register for individuals practising in six disciplines in Clinical Physiology

RCCP Council Members & Officers

RCCP is pleased to announce that its new CEO, Lesley Murphy has joined the team. Lesley has many years of experience in working at board level in the NHS, as well as the public and third sectors.

Constitution of the RCCP

The constitution of the Registration Council for Clinical Physiologists comprises the documents assembled here

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